To be played by     :    27th May 17th June 15th July 5th August 19th August Final - 25th August CHAMPION
C Rankin V A Raeburn C Rankin I Paterson I Paterson Kenneth Malcolm D Ralton
N Shirley V I Paterson I Paterson
D Mather V W Bowler D Mather R Irvine Snr
R Irvine Snr V G Wynn R Irvine Snr
C Taylor V G Brown C Taylor Kenneth Malcolm Kenneth Malcolm
D Mooney V Kenneth Malcolm Kenneth Malcolm
C M Arthur V A Neilson A Neilson A Neilson
A Muir V I Hogg I Hogg
J Ralton V J Forbes J Forbes J Forbes D Ralton D Ralton
G B Arthur V E Ritchie E Ritchie
N Hogg V C Coxon C Coxon D Ralton
D Ralton V S MacMillan D Ralton
T Jones V C Lightband T Jones J Miller S Reid
J Miller V I Lockhart J Miller
M Robertson V D McMillan D McMillan S Reid
R Findlay V S Reid S Reid
I Robertson V J Neilson J Neilson B Martin B Martin B Martin B Martin
B Martin V W Bannerman B Martin
J Hogg V Keith Malcolm Keith Malcolm Keith Malcolm
J Peters V D Hosie D Hosie
G Drever V  S Wilson S Wilson C Ritchie C Ritchie
C Ritchie V  R Ross C Ritchie
S Minto V  A Cormack S Minto S Minto
B Lowrie V  J Muir J Muir
R Simpson V  S Robertson S Robertson S Robertson K Ross W K Rankin
R McNeill V  F Elgin F Elgin
D Smith V  D Lawrence D Smith K Ross
K Ross
W K Rankin W K Rankin W K Rankin
D Wilson
A Stewart A Stewart
B Martin Jnr